5 medals on the last day as Kushagra, Swadesh and Kiara shine

5 medals on the last day as Kushagra, Swadesh and Kiara shine



Swimmers belonging to GAF Mumbai, SAI Glenmark TIDM Delhi and GAFRAY Bengaluru won a total of 30 medals comprising of 11 Gold, 13 Silver and 6 Bronze medals at the Thailand Age Group Swimming Championships held at Assumption University Bangkok.

For results of all swimmers scroll to the bottom of the post.

Day 6
Kushagra Rawat and Swadesh Mondal continued their fine performance picking up Gold medals in the 1500 m Freestyle and 50 m Breaststroke Events. Rapidly improving Anurag Singh proved his mettle as a long distance swimmer picking up Silver in the grueling 1500 m Freestyle. Kiara Bangera added yet another medal picking up a Silver in the 400 m Freestyle while Shivangi Sarma won a bronze in the same event.

Day 5
Veer Khatkar and Aryan Varnekar excelled on Day 5 winning gold in the 100 m Freestyle and 50m Butterfly respectively clocking a time of 00:53.49 and 00:25.59 respectively. Gyan Kashyap and Prachi tokas added a silver to their kitty in the 100 m Freestyle and 800 m Freestyle respectively. Kiara BAngera continued her winning spree winning bronze in the 800 m Freestyle

Day 4
Bikram Changmai proved once again why he is considered among the best exponents of the Butterfly stroke by winning gold in the 100 m Butterfly with a time of 00.57.21. Maana PAtel easily swum to a gold in the 100m backstroke for womwn while Kiara Bangera bagged 2 silvers in a day in the 200 m Freestyle and 200 m Butterfly. Rapidly improving Aryan Varnekar also won Silver in the 100 m Butterfly.

Day 3
Kushagra Rawat continued his fine form as he won the 400 m Freestyle with a time of 03.56.10 He narrowly beat Olympian Sajan Prakash who claimed Silver. This time ensures that Kushagra has B cuts both in the 400 m and 800 m Freestyle events for the World Championships.
Swadesh Mondal reminded one and all about his credentials as a top exponent of Breaststroke winning gold in the 200 m Breaststroke event with a time of 02.22.99. Other medal winners included Ansu Kar and Shivangi Sarma in the 400m and 400 IM respectively.

Day 2
Kushagra Rawat created history by becoming the fastest Indian in the 800 m Freestyle category clocking a time of 08.07.99. Kushagra has made the B cut for the FINA World Championships 2019 and Tokyo 2020.

Swadesh broke the 02:10 barrier in the 200 IM and recorded a time better than the National Record for Group I.
Other medalists included Gyan, Anurag Singh and Ansu Kar.

Day 1 of the Speedo Thailand Age Group Swimming Championships saw Swimmers from all Centres of GAF namely GAF Mumbai, SAI Glenmark TIDM program in Delhi and GAFRAY Bengaluru won a total of 7 medals.

Bikram Changmai is slowly positioning himself as a wonderul age group butterfly swimmer as he won Gold in the 200 m Butterfly clocking a time of 02.09.98 which is incidentally better than the National record for Group II.
Rapidly improving Kiara Bangera won a silver in the 1500 m Freestyle in her maiden appearance. Prachi Tokas lived up to her reputation of being an ace long distance swimmer also winning silver in the 1500 m Freestyle. Saif Chandan Ali from the newly launched GAFRAY Swimming Program in BAngalore won bronze in the 200 m Freestyle.

A list of all the performances are given below

Swimmer NameEventGroupHeatsFinalsMedal
Kushagra Rawat200 FreestyleOpen01.53.4101.53.72
Anurag R Singh200 FreestyleI01.58.1401.57.60
Sanskar Tokas200 FreestyleI02.04.39
Sanskar Tokas200 ButterflyI02.15.9502.14.57
Saif Chandan Ali200 FreestyleI02.01.52
Saif Chandan Ali200 ButterflyI02.11.7202.08.85Silver
Gyan Sandhan Kashyap200 FreestyleII02.00.8902.00.16Silver
Gyan Sandhan Kashyap200 ButterflyII02.26.76
Bikram Changmai200 ButterflyII02.12.3102.09.98Gold
Aryan Vijay Varnekar200 FreestyleII02.05.44
Veer Khatkar200 FreestyleII02.03.61
Vedaant Madhavan200 FreestyleII02.05.99
Vedaant Madhavan100 BackstrokeII01.13.95
Rishikesh Bora200 FreestyleII02.08.09
Rishikesh Bora100 BackstrokeII01.08.56
Ansu Kar200 FreestyleIII02.09.3502.08.87Bronze
Ronak Sawant200 FreestyleIII02.17.82
Ronak Sawant200 ButterflyIII02.34.21
Maana Patel200 BackstrokeOpen02.26.8502.26.37Silver
Shivangi Sarma1500 FreestyleI18.47.33
Prachi Tokas1500 FreestyleI18.26.33Silver
Astha Choudhury1500 FreestyleII18.50.59
Astha Choudhury200 BackstrokeII02:33.56
Janhvi Choudhary1500 FreestyleII20.00.70
Ariaa Sheth1500 FreestyleII19.05.07
Kiara Bangera1500 FreestyleIII18.59.11Silver
Zahra Sakkarwala100 BreaststrokeIIIDQ
Kushagra Rawat800 FreestyleOpen08.07.99Gold Best Indian time
Anurag R Singh800 FreestyleI08.34.72Silver
Sanskar Tokas800 FreestyleI08.52.93
Saif Chandan Ali800 FreestyleI08.52.63
Gyan Sandhan Kashyap800 FreestyleII08.53.12Bronze
Bikram Changmai200 IMII02.18.71
Veer Khatkar50 BackstrokeII00.29.44
Swdesh Mondal200 IMII02.09.2102.09.81Gold, Breaks Group I NR
Vedaant Madhavan200 IMII02.31.28
Vedaant Madhavan800 FreestyleII09.03.03
Rishikesh Bora200 IMII02.21.58
Ansu Kar800 FreestyleIII09.27.96Silver
Ansu Kar200 IMIII02.34.09
Ronak Sawant200 IMIII02.37.53
Ronak Sawant800 FreestyleIII09.52.24
Maana Patel50 ButterflyOpen00.32.22
Maana Patel100 FreestyleOpen01.01.0601.01.50
Shivangi Sarma100 FreestyleI01.01.29
Prachi Tokas100 FreestyleI01.03.17
Astha Choudhury100 FreestyleII01.04.73
Janhvi Choudhary100 FreestyleII01.02.47
Uttara Gogoi50 ButterflyII00.31.21
Ariaa Sheth100 FreestyleII01.06.22
Kiara Bangera50 ButterflyIII00.31.48
Kiara Bangera100 FreestyleIII01.03.7601.03.37
Zahra Sakkarwala100 FreestyleIII01.07.24
Zahra Sakkarwala200 BreaststrokeIII03.03.36
Kushagra Rawat400 FreestyleOpen03.56.10Gold
Anurag R Singh400 FreestyleI04.09.07
Sanskar Tokas400 FreestyleI04.19.74
Saif Chandan Ali400 FreestyleI04.13.88
Gyan Sandhan Kashyap400 FreestyleII04.16.90
Gyan Sandhan Kashyap50 FreestyleII00.25.60
Aryan Vijay Varnekar50 FreestyleII00.25.15
Veer Khatkar50 FreestyleII00.25.31
Veer Khatkar400 FreestyleII04.19.02
Swadesh Mondal200 BreaststrokeII02.24.3302.22.99Gold
Vedaant Madhavan50 FreestyleII00.27.53
Vedaant Madhavan400 FreestyleII04.25.69
Rishikesh Bora50 FreestyleII00.26.72
Ansu Kar400 FreestyleIII04.31.26Bronze
Ansu Kar50 FreestyleIII00.27.97
Ronak Sawant50 FreestyleIII00.29.76
Ronak Sawant400 FreestyleIIIDNS
Maana Patel50 BackstrokeOpen00.30.9500.31.06
Shivangi Sarma400 IMI05.35.02Bronze
Prachi Tokas400 IMI05.49.82
Astha Choudhury400 IMII05.41.55
Astha Choudhury100 ButterflyII01.09.02
Janhvi Choudhary400 IMII05.41.47
Uttara Gogoi100 ButterflyII01.08.68
Ariaa Sheth100 ButterflyII01.12.58
Kiara Bangera100 ButterflyIII01.10.34
Anurag R Singh400 IMI04.53.67
Sanskar Tokas100 ButterflyI01.02.99
Sanskar Tokas400 IMI04.54.02
Bikram Changmai100 ButterflyII00.58.7600.57.21Gold
Bikram Changmai400 IMII05.00.99
Aryan Vijay Varnekar100 ButterflyII00.58.0800.57.29Silver
Vedaant Madhavan100 ButterflyII01.08.42
Vedaant Madhavan100 BreaststrokeII01.23.95
Rishikesh Bora100 ButterflyII01.02.83
Rishikesh Bora100 BreaststrokeII01.14.39
Ansu Kar100 ButterflyIII01.10.65
Ronak Sawant100 ButterflyIII01.08.99
Maana Patel200 FreestyleOpenDNS
Maana Patel100 BackstrokeOpen01.06.6701.05.46Gold
Shivangi Sarma200 FreestyleI02.14.39
Prachi Tokas200 FreestyleI02.14.0902.14.85
Astha Choudhury200 ButterflyII02.33.30
Janhvi Choudhary200 FreestyleII02.14.0802.14.18
Uttara Gogoi200 ButterflyII02.34.87
Ariaa Sheth200 FreestyleII02.22.31
Ariaa Sheth200 ButterflyII02.46.98
Ariaa Sheth100 BackstrokeII01.22.22
Kiara Bangera200 FreestyleIII02.13.4302.12.82Silver
Kiara Bangera200 ButterflyIII02.33.0902.31.65Silver
Zahra Sakkarwala200 FreestyleIII02.25.85
Anurag R Singh100 FreestyleI00.55.92
Saif Chandan Ali100 FreestyleI00.57.17
Gyan Sandhan Kashyap100 FreestyleII00.54.6800.54.40Silver
Bikram Changmai50 ButterflyII00.26.65
Aryan Vijay Varnekar100 FreestyleII00.55.04
Aryan Vijay Varnekar50 ButterflyII00.26.0100.25.59Gold
Veer Khatkar100 FreestyleII00.53.7900.53.49Gold
Veer Khatkar50 ButterflyII00.26.78
Vedaant Madhavan100 FreestyleII00.58.26
Rishikesh Bora50 ButterflyII00.28.56
Rishikesh Bora100 FreestyleII00.56.78
Ansu Kar100 FreestyleIII00.59.2000.58.63
Ronak Sawant50 ButterflyIII00.31.00
Ronak Sawant100 FreestyleIII01.03.35
Shivangi Sarma800 FreestyleI09.40.57
Prachi Tokas800 FreestyleI09.39.35Silver
Astha Choudhury800 FreestyleII09.58.59
Janhvi Choudhary800 FreestyleII10.07.08
Uttara Gogoi800 FreestyleII10.27.10
Ariaa Sheth800 FreestyleII09.56.99
Kiara Bangera800 FreestyleIII09.41.49Bronze
Kushagra Rawat1500 FreestyleOpen15.56.60Gold
Anurag R Singh1500 FreestyleI16.27.23Silver
Saif Chandan Ali1500 FreestyleI17.30.45
Bikram Changmai50 BreaststrokeII00.33.21
Swadesh Mondal50 BreaststrokeII00.31.7500.31.27Gold
Vedaant Madhavan1500 FreestyleII17.24.79
Ronak Sawant1500 FreestyleIII19.24.08
Maana Patel50 FreestyleOpen00.28.1300.27.66
Shivangi Sarma50 FreestyleI00.28.11
Shivangi Sarma400 FreestyleI04.38.10Bronze
Prachi Tokas50 FreestyleI00.29.98
Prachi Tokas400 FreestyleI04.48.78
Astha Choudhury400 FreestyleII04.56.20
Janhvi Choudhary50 FreestyleII00.29.10
Janhvi Choudhary400 FreestyleII04.50.41
Uttara Gogoi200 IMII02.39.28
Ariaa Sheth200 IMII02.49.81
Ariaa Sheth50 FreestyleII00.31.51
Ariaa Sheth400 FreestyleII04.53.29
Kiara Bangera200 IMIII02.55.47
Kiara Bangera50 FreestyleIII00.34.57
Kiara Bangera400 FreestyleIII04.39.25Silver
Zahra Sakkarwala200 IMIIIDQ
Zahra Sakkarwala50 FreestyleIII00.31.12
Zahra Sakkarwala400 FreestyleIII05.08.82