GMAAA Senior and Lower Age Group Championships 2018

Event Dates: Saturday, August 4 to Sunday, August 5, 2018

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Course50 m

Event Id: 19640

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Gold Medalists 

Gold Medalists (10)

Kiara Bangera400 m Freestyle04:54.62
Ariaa.H.Sheth1500 m Freestyle19:25.09
Aaron Fernandes100 m Backstroke01:08.78
Aaron Fernandes100 m Freestyle00:55.17
Sushrut Kapse1500 m Freestyle16:19.79
Sushrut Kapse400 m Freestyle04:10.97
Kiara Bangera200 m Freestyle02:24.41
Ariaa.H.Sheth800 m Freestyle10:14.24
Sushrut Kapse800 m Freestyle08:33.52
Sushrut Kapse200 m Freestyle01:59.09

Silver Medalists

Silver Medalists (4)

Dev Ambokar1500 m Freestyle18:05.21
Aaron Fernandes400 m Freestyle04:26.43
Dev Ambokar800 m Freestyle09:18.91
Aaron Fernandes200 m Freestyle01:59.1

Bronze Medalists

Bronze Medalists (4)

Dev Ambokar200 m Individual Medley02:35.22
Dev Ambokar400 m Freestyle04:32.52
Dev Ambokar200 m Freestyle02:09.91
Aaron Fernandes50 m Freestyle00:25.87

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