Peter Carswell

Head Coach, Mumbai




Peter Carswell is a Qualified Swim Coach with over 25 years’ experience demonstrating quantifiable achievements from grassroots through to Olympian levels. Strong history of managing, coaching and mentoring individuals and teams of young and professional swimmers; committed to introducing new techniques and developing potential athletes.

Career Accomplishments

  • Successfully coached numerous swimmers through to Olympian levels including: Pat Murphy (2004 Olympics), Cam Prosser (2006 Commonwealth Games), Bryan Lim (2006 Malaysian National Team), and Scott Prosser (2006 World Deaf Championships) and multiple members on Australian Junior Teams
  • 2013 Australian Team Coach World University Games held in Russia.
  • 2012 Australian Team Coach Junior Pan Pacific Championships held in Hawaii
  • 2011 Australian Team Coach Junior Commonwealth Games held on the Isle of Man, UK
  • 2010 Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) Coach for the 2010 China Tour;
  • 2010 Australian Head Coach Australian Youth Games held in New Zealand
  • 2006- 2013 Australian Team Coach and Australian Coach on camps
  • 2001-2006 Head Coach MLC Victorian Champion School
  • Coached over 30 Australian age and open medal winners