Meherwade Bhaskar

Meherwade Bhaskar

Senior Coach, GAFRAY Bangalore




A distinguished Leader in Swimming Industry with over 25 years of experience in coaching at various swimming pools across Bangalore.
Well organized, results oriented individual with proven ability to implement standards, procedures & processes in swimming coaching. Solid management skills, capable of leading and motivating individuals to maximize levels of productivity, while forming cohesive team environments.

Career Profile:
 Experience: Over 25 years of experience in Swimming Pool Industry
o Worked as Assistant Coach at BAC
o Worked as Senior Coach at NAC

o ASCA Level 1, 2 and 3 Certified
o KSA Level 1 and water safety course
o Certified by International Swimming Hall of Fame

 Achievements:
o Represented KSA as Team Coach for Swimming and Water Polo
o Appreciation by BAC for contributions as Best Coach
o Participation in number of swimming competitions across India