Kushagra swims closer to World Championship Qualifying time as GAF Swimmers excel at Khelo India Youth Games 2019

Kushagra Rawat for SGTIDM Delhi battled the cold water in the 800 m Freestyle to clock a time of 08:14.21 less than 4 seconds away from the world championship qualifying time B cut of 08:10.91, The world Championship is 6 months away and Kushagra has a strong chance to qualify for the same. All swimmers from SGTIDM Delhi GAF Mumbai and GAFRAY Bangalore had wonderful performances to win a total of 25 golds, 21 silvers and 14 bronze medals to aggregate 60 medals in individual events.

Maana Patel, Vedant Bapna, Veer Khatkar, Swadesh Mondal, Astha Choudhury, Firdoush Khayamkhani showcased their talent admirably. Aided by swimmers from SAI Glenmark TIDM program Delhi narrowly lost out to Karnataka in the overall medal tally but comfortably won the U-17 category.

The timings clocked by swimmers is given below

SwimmerRaceTime ClockedRace position
Aaron Fernandes100 m Freestyle00:54.11Bronze
Maana Patel50 m Backstroke00:30.48Gold
Veer Khatkar100 m Freestyle00:53.54Gold
Uttara Gogoi100 m Butterfly01:07.52Silver
Tanmay Das50 m Backstroke00:27.82Gold
Soubrity Mondal50 m Backstroke00:32.52Fourth
Nanak Moolchandani50 m Backstroke00:28.36Bronze
Jasmine Gurung800 m Freestyle09:58.92Bronze
Gyan Sandhan Kashyap100 m Butterfly00:54.33Bronze
Firdoush Kayamkhani100 m Butterfly01:07.17Gold
Dolphi Sarang100 m Butterfly01:11.27Fifth
Astha Choudhury100 m Butterfly01:06.84Gold
Anubhuti Baruah100 m Butterfly01:08.94Sixth
Aditya Dubey200 m Breaststroke02:31.46Fourth
Swadesh Mondal200 m Breaststroke02:26.91Gold
Navya Singal1500 m Freestyle18:36.81Fourth
Prachi Tokas1500 m Freestyle18:09.31Gold
Vishal Grewal1500 m Freestyle16:57.74Bronze
Kushagra Rawat1500 m Freestyle15:59.06Gold
Sushrut Kapse1500 m Freestyle16:24.48Silver
Varun Patel50 m Breaststroke00:31.29Eighth
Maana Patel50 m Freestyle00:27.8Silver
Janhvi Choudhary50 m Freestyle00:28.88Fifth
Shivangi Sarma50 m Freestyle00:27.92Silver
Aryan Vijay Varnekar50 m Freestyle00:25.26Fourth
Veer Khatkar50 m Freestyle00:24.71Gold
Dolphi Sarang200 m Butterfly02:50.Fourth
Firdoush Kayamkhani200 m Butterfly02:34.41Gold
Anubhuti Baruah200 m Butterfly02:39.36Seventh
Astha Choudhury200 m Butterfly02:30.41Bronze
Latiesha Mandanna200 m Individual Medley02:39.55Sixth
Sushrut Kapse800 m Freestyle08:36.89Silver
Bharat Bhushan Ajay Gupta800 m Freestyle10:12.04Fourth
Vishal Grewal200 m Individual Medley02:17.9Fourth
Vishal Grewal800 m Freestyle08:59.91Bronze
Kushagra Rawat800 m Freestyle08:14.21Gold
kapil shetty800 m Freestyle08:53.63Fourth
Anurag R. Singh800 m Freestyle08:48.Gold
Soubrity Mondal200 m Backstroke02:29.8Silver
Maana Patel200 m Backstroke02:23.Gold
Palak Dhami200 m Backstroke02:38.57Sixth
Vedant Bapna200 m Backstroke02:10.46Gold
Nanak Moolchandani200 m Backstroke02:11.8Silver
Firdoush Kayamkhani200 m Individual Medley02:35.94Silver
Jasmine Gurung200 m Individual Medley02:46.49Sixth
Bhumi Ajay Gupta200 m Individual Medley02:38.15Fifth
Navya Singal200 m Individual Medley02:42.27Eighth
Uttara Gogoi200 m Individual Medley02:40.38Seventh
Swadesh Mondal200 m Individual Medley02:13.48Gold
Shubrant Patra200 m Butterfly02:18.03Seventh
Divyansh Arora200 m Butterfly02:16.55Fifth
Bikram Changmai200 m Butterfly02:10.56Silver
Jasmine Gurung1500 m Freestyle19:03.93Bronze
Janhvi Choudhary100 m Freestyle01:01.45Fifth
Shivangi Sarma100 m Freestyle01:00.6Silver
Bikram Changmai100 m Butterfly00:57.55Gold
Aryan Vijay Varnekar100 m Butterfly00:58.15Silver
Hiren shagolsem100 m Butterfly00:59.9Sixth
Navya Singal400 m Individual Medley05:34.86Fifth
Uttara Gogoi400 m Individual Medley05:45.74Sixth
Firdoush Kayamkhani400 m Individual Medley05:28.83Silver
Sushrut Kapse400 m Freestyle04:10.75Silver
Vishal Grewal400 m Freestyle04:15.2Bronze
Kushagra Rawat400 m Freestyle04:01.83Gold
Anurag R. Singh400 m Freestyle04:14.23Silver
kapil shetty400 m Freestyle04:18.33Fourth
Divyansh Arora1500 m Freestyle18:03.25Sixth
Anurag R. Singh1500 m Freestyle16:40.54Gold
Soubrity Mondal100 m Backstroke01:10.52Silver
Arya Kripalani100 m Backstroke01:13.94Eighth
Palak Dhami100 m Backstroke01:13.76Seventh
Nanak Moolchandani100 m Backstroke01:01.19Bronze
Tanmay Das100 m Backstroke01:00.24Silver
Vedant Bapna100 m Backstroke01:00.16Gold
Aditya Dubey400 m Individual Medley05:00.73Fourth
Vishal Grewal400 m Individual Medley04:51.43Silver
Bhargav Phukan400 m Individual Medley05:09.45Seventh
Swadesh Mondal400 m Individual Medley04:47.13Gold
Jasmine Gurung400 m Freestyle04:45.22Silver
Prachi Tokas400 m Freestyle04:37.99Gold
Astha Choudhury400 m Freestyle04:53.58Seventh
Navya Singal400 m Freestyle04:47.53Fourth
Vishal Grewal200 m Freestyle02:01.06Sixth
Dolphi Sarang50 m Butterfly00:31.64Fifth
Firdoush Kayamkhani50 m Butterfly00:31.76Seventh
Karvi Gaekwad200 m Freestyle02:32.33
Mayuri Lingaraj50 m Butterfly00:30.51Seventh
Jasmine Gurung200 m Freestyle02:14.4Silver
Kushagra Rawat200 m Freestyle01:53.5Silver
Janhvi Choudhary200 m Freestyle02:16.18Bronze
Gyan Sandhan Kashyap200 m Freestyle02:00.37Bronze
Anurag R. Singh200 m Freestyle02:00.06Silver
Astha Choudhury200 m Freestyle02:16.72Fifth
Astha Choudhury200 m Freestyle02:18.97Fifth
Astha Choudhury800 m Freestyle09:58.68Fifth
Navya Singal800 m Freestyle09:48.61Bronze
Prachi Tokas200 m Freestyle02:17.73Eighth
Prachi Tokas800 m Freestyle09:32.34Gold
Shivangi Sarma50 m Butterfly00:30.85Eighth
Shivangi Sarma200 m Freestyle02:11.91Gold
Uttara Gogoi50 m Butterfly00:30.18Bronze
Bikram Changmai50 m Butterfly00:26.49Bronze
Aryan Vijay Varnekar50 m Butterfly00:25.86Gold
Varun Patel100 m Breaststroke01:07.76Fifth
Aditya Dubey100 m Breaststroke01:08.55Eighth
Bhargav Phukan100 m Breaststroke01:11.06Fifth
Swadesh Mondal100 m Breaststroke01:07.95Gold
kapil shetty200 m Freestyle02:01.Fourth
Aaron Fernandes200 m Freestyle01:58.4Fourth

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