Impressive run at SA Nationals for swimmers from SGTIDM

Impressive run at SA Nationals for swimmers from SGTIDM

All swimmers improved their timings in the meet..


Our six swimmers and Coach Partha returned home after a strong show at the training and competition organized by the swimming federation of India with Swimming South Africa.

Shivangi, Janhavi, Astha, Bikram,Swadesh and Vishal turned in wonderful performances at the SA National swimming Championships held at Port Elizabeth between April 5th to 11th 2021. Most swimmers got their personal bests while all the swimmers showed wonderful performaces.

The performance of swimmers is given below

Name GenderEvent HeatsFinalsRemarks
Shivangi SarmaFemale200 FR02.11.20
Janhvi ChoudhuryFemale200 FR02.11.57 PB
Astha ChoudharyFemale100 FLY01:04.33
Bikram ChangmaiMale50 FLY00:25.56
Swadesh MondalMale200 BR02:21.6602:20.78PB
Vishal GrewalMale200 FR01:53.30PB
Swadesh MondalMale100 BR01:07.75
Shivangi SarmaFemale50 FR00:27.76
Janhvi ChoudhuryFemale50 FR00:27.36PB
Astha ChoudharyFemale50 FLY00:29.52
Bikram ChangmaiMale200 FLY02:05.34
Vishal GrewalMale100 FR00:51.58PB
Astha ChoudharyFemale200 FLY02:23.4602:23.20
Vishal GrewalMale50 FR00:23.95PB
Swadesh MondalMale200 IM02:17.06
Swadesh MondalMale50 BR00:30.96
Bikram ChangmaiMale50 FLY00:56.69
Shivangi SarmaFemale100 FR00:58.89PB
Janhvi ChoudhuryFemale100 FR00:59.58

We thank the Swimming Federation of India for providing this opportunity.