GAF, SGTIDM and GAFRAY swimmers make a statement at the 65th National School Games

GAF, SGTIDM and GAFRAY swimmers make a statement at the 65th National School Games



Swimmers from GAF Mumbai, SGTIDM Delhi and GAFRAY Bengaluru put up a stellar show at the 65th National School games which concluded in Delhi today.  The swimmers picked up a total of 54 medals including 23 gold 20 silver and 11 bronze medals. They also set 10 new meet records and 2 better meet records in the process.

A centre wise breakup of medals is given below

GAF Mumbai531940
SAI Glenmark TIDM Programme Delhi181253562
GAFRAY Bangalore0551000

Prachi Tokas, Kiara Bangera, Tanish Kaswan Naysar won 3 gold medals each with Prachi setting a New Meet record in all 3 events namely the 800 m Freestyle, 200 m Freestyle and 400 m Freestyle in the U19 Girls category. Kiara had 2 Meet records in the U14 girls category in the 200 m Freestyle and 100 m Butterfly events.


Vedant Bapna won 2 gold and one silver medal and set 2 new meet records in the 100 m and 200 m backstroke events in the U17 boys category narrowly losing to team mate Tanmoy Das who picked up the gold in the 50 m backstroke setting a new meet record himself and bettering the meet record in the 100m backstroke event.

Astha Chaudhary and Jahnavi Choudhury set new meet records in 100 m  butterfly and 50 m Freestyle  events in the U17 Girls category while Astha also bettered the existing meet record in the 200 Fly.

A total of 55 swimmers participated in the meet from across 3 centres.   A detailed performance of all the medal winners is given below. 

S.NoSwimmers NameCentreGroupMedalEventTiming
1Kiara BangeraGAF MumbaiGirls U 14Gold200 FLY02:31.21
2Kiara BangeraGAF MumbaiGirls U 14Gold (NMR)200 FS02:13.33
3Kiara BangeraGAF MumbaiGirls U 14Gold (NMR)100 FLY01:07.62
4Palak DhamiGAF MumbaiGirls U17Bronze100 BK01:10.57
5Palak DhamiGAF MumbaiGirls U17Silver200 BK02:33.29
6Palak DhamiGAF MumbaiGirls U17Silver50 Bk00:33.05
7Vedant BapnaGAF MumbaiBoys U17Gold (NMR)100 BK00:59.11
8Vedant BapnaGAF MumbaiBoys U17Gold (NMR)200 BK02:09.00
9Vedant BapnaGAF MumbaiBoys U17Silver50 BK00:27.97
10Ashmita ChandraGAFRAY BENGALURUGirls U17Bronze400 FS04:52.11
11Dhyan BalakrishnaGAFRAY BENGALURUBoys U17Bronze400 FS04:16.86
12Dhyan BalakrishnaGAFRAY BENGALURUBoys U17Silver800 FS08:53.88
13Latieisha MandannaGAFRAY BENGALURUGirls U19Bronze100 FS01:01.16
14Prasidh KrishnaGAFRAY BENGALURUBoys U19Silver100 FLY00:57.77
15K S Saif chandanGAFRAY BENGALURUBoys U19Bronze200FLY02:09.86
16K S Saif chandanGAFRAY BENGALURUBoys U19Silver200 FS01:59.85
17K S Saif chandanGAFRAY BENGALURUBoys U19Silver400 FS04:17.30
18Sunaina ManjunathGAFRAY BENGALURUGirls U19Silver50 FLY00:30.55
19Sunaina ManjunathGAFRAY BENGALURUGirls U19Silver50 FS00:29.32
20Aaliyah SinghSGTIDM DelhiGirls U19Gold100 BR01:18.94
21Aaliyah SinghSGTIDM DelhiGirls U19Gold50 BR00:35.74
22Astha ChoudharySGTIDM DelhiGirls U17Gold (NMR)100 FLY01:04.57
23Astha ChoudharySGTIDM DelhiGirls U17Silver (BMR)200FLY02:25.46
24Bhargav PhukanSGTIDM DelhiBoys U17Gold200 IM02:14.68
25Bhargav PhukanSGTIDM DelhiBoys U17Silver200 BR02:28.25
26Bhargav PhukanSGTIDM DelhiBoys U17Silver100BR01:09.49
27Dhara PatelSGTIDM DelhiGirls U 14Bronze50 FLY00:31.20
28Dhara PatelSGTIDM DelhiGirls U 14Silver100 FLY01:07.97
29Dhara PatelSGTIDM DelhiGirls U 14Silver200FLY02:35.41
30Divyansh AroraSGTIDM DelhiBoys U17Bronze100 FLY00:58.97
31Janhvi ChoudhurySGTIDM DelhiGirls U17Gold100 FS01:00.64
32Janhvi ChoudhurySGTIDM DelhiGirls U17Gold (NMR)50 FS00:27.72
33Lavleen DasSGTIDM DelhiGirls U14Bronze200 IM02:40.14
34Lavleen DasSGTIDM DelhiGirls U14Bronze200FLY02:37.67
35Navya SingalSGTIDM DelhiGirls U19Silver400 IM05:29.14
36Navya SingalSGTIDM DelhiGirls U19Silver200 IM02:35.34
37Navya SingalSGTIDM DelhiGirls U19Silver100 FS01:03.46
38Prachi TokasSGTIDM DelhiGirls U19Gold (NMR)800 FS08:16.75
39Prachi TokasSGTIDM DelhiGirls U19Gold (NMR)200 FS02:10.57
40Prachi TokasSGTIDM DelhiGirls U19Gold (NMR)400 FS04:33.18
41Rehan MirzaSGTIDM DelhiBoys U14Gold50 BK00:30.63
42Rehan MirzaSGTIDM DelhiBoys U14Gold50FS00:25.97
43Sanskar TokasSGTIDM DelhiBoys U19Silver400 IM04:51.56
44Soubrity MondalSGTIDM DelhiGirls U19Gold50BK00:31.94
45Soubrity MondalSGTIDM DelhiGirls U19Gold100BK01:08.73
46Tanish KashwanSGTIDM DelhiBoys U19Gold50 BR00:31.04
47Tanish KashwanSGTIDM DelhiBoys U19Gold200 BR02:24.40
48Tanish KashwanSGTIDM DelhiBoys U19Gold100BR01:06.95
49Tanmay DasSGTIDM DelhiBoys U17Gold (NMR)50 BK00:27.44
50Tanmay DasSGTIDM DelhiBoys U17Silver200BK02:11.49
51Tanmay DasSGTIDM DelhiBoys U17Silver (BMR)100 BK00:59.44
52Veer KhatkarSGTIDM DelhiBoys U17Bronze200 FS01:59.37
53Veer KhatkarSGTIDM DelhiBoys U17Gold100 FS00:53.59
54Veer KhatkarSGTIDM DelhiBoys U17Silver50 FS00:24.59