Long Term Athlete Development – A Practical Approach

swim.clinic webinar on National Sports Day

Long term athlete development is a phrase that’s thrown around extensively in swimming. But understanding and application of the concept is all but missing in many cases. The best swimming nations and programmes adhere to long term athlete development principles and produce swimmers who are ready to perform on the world stage as senior swimmers.

Don Heidary is a coach who not only talks about long term athlete development, but applies it in ever aspect of his exceptionally successful programme at Orinda Aquatics in California. Referred to by coaches in the know, as a programme that is ” getting it right”, Don will share with us 1. his philosophies and application of long term athlete development, 2. What the various stages of Age Group swimming should look like, 3. How chapter development plays a role in his programmers success, and why the current.model of producing fast sub juniors is working against producing successful elite Indian swimmers.

Join this webinar to understand as a coach working with sub juniors and juniors, what you should be doing to prepare your swimmers, not for success as 10 to 12 year olds, but as seniors, physically and mentally ready to take on the best athletes in the world or what you as a parent or swimmer should be expecting from the programme you are enrolled in.

Discussion Points

– What are the key focus points and various stages of age group swimming?

-What does an age group programme that’s preparing young swimmers for success look like?

-Why don’t we see the good results from junior swimmers translate into competitive times at the senior/elite level?

-If my child is serious about standing a chance of competing internationally as a swimmer, what is my role as a parent and what should I be looking out for in a swimming programme?






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28 Aug 2022


9:30 am




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Online Webinar


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