Carles Subirana

Carles Subirana is a coach with more than 38 years of experience. He has been the Technical Director of the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation and the coach of the National Training Center.


He has had a long and successful career and has participated in many major international championships, including the European , European Championships, World Championships and Olympic Games, and has represented Spain and Denmark as a coach.


Carles has achieved numerous international results including producing various medalists in the European and World Championships, specifically in the area of swimming in pool and in open water, in which the following records stand out: 1. World Record and 2. European Record.


Carles is a trainer experienced in motivation and driving world-class swimmers to achieve their full potential and also has great knowledge about the latest techniques of planning and performance assessment with regard to high-level swimmers. He also has extensive working knowledge regarding the planning and control of high altitude training.


Richard Shoulberg

Coach Shoulberg has coached at the 1992 and 2000 Olympic Games placing 12 different swimmers on the USA Olympic Swim Team.

During the course of 60 years, he has also led American swim teams at a number of international competitions from the 1986 World championships to the 1983, 1991, 2003, and 2007 Pan American Games, and coached 2 world record holders while teaching swimming at the grass-roots level from pre-school through 12th grade stressing learn-to-swim, lifeguard certification and fitness training in five to six classes a day. The results have not gone unnoticed as Coach Schoulberg has been named American Swimming Coaches Association Coach of the Year twice (in 1982 and 1989).

Jim Steen

James "Jim" Steen was the head coach of the swim teams at Kenyon College from 1976 to 2012.[1]

Steen's teams have won more NCAA championships than any other team in any division or any sport.[1] The Lords have won 31 consecutive NCAA Division III championships, the first having been in 1980,[2] while the Ladies have won 23 (nonconsecutive) titles. In over 30 years at Kenyon, Coach Steen has developed over 150 NCAA champions and over 300 All-Americans.[3] He has coached several Olympic Trial qualifiers, Division I All-Americans, and been voted NCAA Division III Coach-of-the-year twelve times.[citation needed] He has also produced more post-graduate scholars than any other coach in any division, and places high importance on students' academic performance as well as athletic success.[1]

In 1996 Coach Steen took a one-year sabbatical from Kenyon College to consult with many of America's top coaches prior to the Atlanta Olympic Games.[3] He was also consulted during the designing and building of the swimming facilities for the Kenyon Athletic Center in 2002.[2] In August 2008, he was invited to give an informational "pep talk" to the Ohio State Buckeyes football team.[4]

Steen is the creator of the Power Rack, and began the Elite Swim Camps, which have grown to sports other than swimming.[citation needed]

Steen retired from coaching in 2012 after 36 years. He was replaced by Kenyon former Kenyon swimmer Jess Book, who has won three consecutive NCAA Division III titles.

Former Kenyon swimmers now coaching at the college level include NCAA Champion Coaches Gregg Parini (Denison) and Jon Howell (Emory)