ushagra Rawat, who trains at SAI Glenmark (GAF) TIDM academy, moved closer to his dream of qualifying for the Olympics as he secured his 3rd B Cut for the 2020 Olympics in the 1500m freestyle, clocking 15:25.22 at the 2020 NSW Open Swimming Championships at Sydney. This is the best time achieved in the 1500m achieved by an Indian and eclipses the B cut time (OST) of 15.28.02. He had earlier in 400 FS and set a new India best time of 3:52.75 as he bettered the B cut (OST) of 3:53.58.  Kushagra had cleared the B Cut in the 800 m Freestyle last year at the Thailand Open in Bangkok and he bettered his time to win silver with a time of 8:01.71.

Kushagra is the only Indian swimmer to have achieved 3 B Cuts (OST) for Olympics 2020 and is the fastest Indian in the 400 m and 1500 m Freestyle events.

Kushagra’s performance at the 2020 NSW Senior Open Swimming Championships
400 mtrs FS- Bronze    3.52:75 (Best Indian Time)
800 mtrs FS- Silver     8.01:71
1500 mtrs.  – Silver     15.25:22 (Best Indian Time)

Kushagra has been training under Coach Partha Pratim Majumder at the SAI Glenmark TIDM Program at SAINSA Talkatora. He was recently sent to  Gold Coast, Australia to train under Coach Michael Bohl as a part of a plan to propel Kushagra into being a top middle-distance swimmer. Speaking on the occasion Coach Partha said “Kushagra has shown his potential and has taken  Indian middle and long-distance swimming to greater heights with his sincere training efforts. I thank Micheal Bohl for tirelessly working with him in the past few months and his parents for taking good care of him. As his coach, I am very proud to see hi him becoming first Indian to surpass the OST ( B Cut) in  3 events. We at SAI Glenmark TIDM program are aiming to produce multiple swimmers for India and Kushagra’s performance will go a long way to motivate other swimmers.”

The SAI Glenmark TIDM program is a partnership between Sports Authority of India and Glenmark Aquatic Foundation to promote competitive swimming in India.

Kushagra said I just keep in mind the words by the GOAT — Michael Phelps — the difference between the good and the great is that good athletes perform well when they are feeling good, but great athletes know how to perform good even when they are uncomfortable.

Mr. Monal Chokshi, Secy General SFI said “I am very happy to learn about the performance of our Indian swimmer Kushagra Rawat at the NSW open swimming championship in Australia. My congratulations to him for the stellar performances. He has posted huge improvements on his previous performances and clocked best Indian times in 2 out of 3 events. Kushagra is now the only swimmer from India having achieved B qualifying mark in 3 events for the 2020 Olympics. For the 1st time, India has 6 swimmers with B qualification to the Tokyo Olympics and more importantly 4 out of the 6 are below 20 years in age. This is a huge opportunity for Indian swimming and we can look forward to some podium finishes at the upcoming 2022 Asian Games and 2024 Olympics.

The global coronavirus pandemic is extremely unfortunate as it casts a shadow over the dreams of so many athletes worldwide. We were very hopeful for some of our swimmers to make the A qualifying mark this year. This would have been a historical milestone for India but now with the precautions required to check the spread of the virus and safety of all concerned being of paramount concern we are keeping our fingers crossed and watching the situation closely. We continue to hope the situation resolves before the qualifying period ends so that our swimmers can continue to train and participate in qualifying events.”

SAI invites applications for the SAI Glenmark programme at SAINSA

The Sports Authority of India invites applications from talented swimmers for national admissions to the SAI Glenmark TIDM programme being conducted at  SAI National Swimming Academy (SAINSA) at the Dr SPM Swimming Complex at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi.

This is a completely free residential program with schooling facilities in addition to lodging and boarding. The centre features a state of the art infrastructure coupled with global training practices with a team headed by Coach Partha Pratim Majumder.

The details of the admission process are given in the advertisement which may be downloaded here. The admission form needs to be filled and sent to spmspc.sai@gmail.com  or may be deposited at the centre.

Shivangi, Swadesh excel at the Khelo India Youth Games 2020

- Swimmers from GAF, SAI Glenmark TIDM Programme and GAFRAY Bangalore win 69 individual medals at Khelo India Youth Games 2020

Shivangi Sarma and Swadesh Mondal were unvanquished in individual events as they won 5 gold medals each in the Khelo India Youth Games 2020. Shivangi racing in her hometown showcased her brilliance in both the sprint and distance events and she won gold in the 50,100,200,400 and 800 m Freestyle events in the Under 21 Women’s category. Swadesh repeated his feat from the 2018 Junior Nationals by winning his medals in the 50,100 and 200m Breaststroke and in the 200 m and 400 m Individual medley showcasing his overall swimming excellence in the Under 17 Boys category. Swadesh also eclipsed the current National record in Group I boys in the 200 IM clocking 02.09.83.

The swimmers training at  GAF Mumbai won a total of medals comprising of  2  Gold medals,      7 Silver medals and 7  bronze medals in individual events. Swimmers training at SAI Glenmark TIDM Programme  Delhi won  22 Gold, 9 Silver and 15 Bronze medals while the new GAFRAY Bengaluru saw swimmers earning  2 Gold,  3 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.

Soubrity Mondal from Bengal won 4 Gold Medals in the Under 21 Women’s category as she claimed gold medals in the 50, 100 and 200 m backstroke events and adding the 200 IM to her kitty as well. Tanmoy Das and Vedant Bapna resumed their rivalry in the U 17  backstroke events with Tanmoy emerging victorious in the 50 m and 100 m backstroke while Vedant reigned supreme in the 200 m backstroke.

Hiten Mittal repeated his performance from the Glenmark Junior National Aquatic Championships by winning the 50 m freestyle event in the U17 Boys category. Hiten Mittal broke the 24 second barrier in this event showcasing his improvement.

Astha Choudhury narrowly missed the National record in Group I girls 100 m butterfly by 0.02 seconds as she clocked 01.04.68 to win the gold.

Other individual medal winners included Kiara Bangera, Sushrut Kapse, Aaron Fernandes, Vedaant Madhavan, Reyan Gada, Maana Patel and Ariaa Sheth from GAF Mumbai.

The SAI Glenmark TIDM programme saw Bhargav Phukan, Bikram Changmai, Aryan Varnekar, Jahnvi Choudhury, Astha Choudhary, Veer Khatkar, Aliyah Singh, Disha Bhandari, Vanshika Sharma,  Jasmine Gurung, Firdoush Khayamkhani and Aditya Dubey win laurels in individual events.

Dhyan Balakrishna, Army Pal, Saif Chandan K S, Ashmita Chandra  and Sunaina Manjunath won individual medals from GAFRAY Bengaluru


Performance of All Swimmers

Swimmer NameGroupEventHeatsFinalsPositionClub
Aaliyah SinghU 21100 BRNA01.22.18SilverSGTIDM Delhi
Aaliyah SinghU 2150 BkNA00.31.75BronzeSGTIDM Delhi
Aaron FernandesU 21100 FSNA00.53.02SilverGAF Mumbai
Aaron FernandesU 21200 FSNA01.55.62GoldGAF Mumbai
Aaron FernandesU 21400 FSNA04.09.01SilverGAF Mumbai
Aditya DubeyU 21200 BRNA02.27.58BronzeSGTIDM Delhi
Aliyah SinghU 2150 BRNA00.37.36SilverSGTIDM Delhi
Anshav JindalU 17200 Fly02.14.8702.13.34SGTIDM Delhi
Ansu KarU 17800 FSNA09.21.01SGTIDM Delhi
Anumati ChouguleU 17400 IM05.51.2005.41.23GAFRAY Bangalore
Ariaa ShethU 171500 FSNA18.37.99BronzeGAF Mumbai
Ariaa ShethU 17400 FS04.51.9904.51.41GAF Mumbai
Army PalU 211500 FSNA17.16.29BronzeGAFRAY Bangalore
Aryan VarnekarU 17100 Fly00.57.0000.58.73BronzeSGTIDM Delhi
Aryan VarnekarU 1750 Fly00.26.1600.25.70GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Ashmitha ChandraU 171500 FSNA18.35.02SilverGAFRAY Bangalore
Ashmitha ChandraU 17200 FS02.18.7702.18.77GAFRAY Bangalore
Ashmitha ChandraU 17400 FS04.48.9504.48.12GAFRAY Bangalore
Ashmitha ChandraU 17800 FSNA10.19.83GAFRAY Bangalore
Astha ChoudharyU 17100 Fly01.05.5301.04.68GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Astha ChoudharyU 17200 Fly02.29.4102.26.87BronzeSGTIDM Delhi
Astha ChoudharyU 17800 FSNA09.44.29SGTIDM Delhi
Bhargav PhukanU 17100 BR01.10.5901.08.90BronzeSGTIDM Delhi
Bhargav PhukanU 17200 BR02.32.6602.29.35SilverSGTIDM Delhi
Bhargav PhukanU 17200 IM02.17.2102.15.01SilverSGTIDM Delhi
Bhargav PhukanU 1750 BR00.31.8400.31.69BronzeSGTIDM Delhi
Bhumi GuptaU 17400 IM05.51.76NAGAF Mumbai
Bikram ChangmaiU 17100 Fly00.57.5100.56.64GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Bikram ChangmaiU 17200 Fly02.09.9702.05.29GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Bikram ChangmaiU 17200 FS 02.04.4502.10.99SGTIDM Delhi
Bikram ChangmaiU 1750 Fly00.26.0300.25.92BronzeSGTIDM Delhi
Dev AmbokarU 171500 FSNA18.04.95GAF Mumbai
Dev AmbokarU 17400 IM05.04.3105.03.84GAF Mumbai
Dhyan BalakrishnaU 171500 FSNA16.49.63SilverGAFRAY Bangalore
Dhyan BalakrishnaU 17200 Bk02.44.20NAGAFRAY Bangalore
Dhyan BalakrishnaU 17400 FS04.23.1504.18.14GAFRAY Bangalore
Disha BhandariU 17100 Fly01.08.4601.07.11SGTIDM Delhi
Disha BhandariU 17100 FS01.03.0301.01.99SGTIDM Delhi
Disha BhandariU 17200 IM02.35.1602.30.99BronzeSGTIDM Delhi
Disha BhandariU 1750 FS00.29.27NASGTIDM Delhi
Divyansh AroraU 17100 Fly00.59.2400.58.82SGTIDM Delhi
Divyansh AroraU 17200 Fly02.11.7702.10.46SGTIDM Delhi
Divyansh AroraU 17400 FS04.19.9104.16.57SGTIDM Delhi
Dolphi SarangU 2150 FlyNA00.31.33SGTIDM Delhi
Firdoush KhayamkhaniU 21100 FlyNA01.07..56GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Firdoush KhayamkhaniU 21200 FLYNA02.33.65GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Firdoush KhayamkhaniU 21200 IMNA02.35.16SilverSGTIDM Delhi
Firdoush KhayamkhaniU 21400 IMNA05.29.28SilverSGTIDM Delhi
Gyan Sandhann KashyapU 17200 FS 02.01.9601.59.06SGTIDM Delhi
Gyan Sandhann KashyapU 17400 FS04.16.9104.16.98SGTIDM Delhi
Gyan Sandhann KashyapU 1750 FS00.25.0800.25.03SGTIDM Delhi
Gyan Sandhann KashyapU 17800 FSNA08.49.20SGTIDM Delhi
Gyan Sandhann KashyapU17100 FS00.55.3300.54.77SGTIDM Delhi
Hiren ShagolsemU 17100 FS00.56.93NASGTIDM Delhi
Hiren ShagolsemU 1750 Fly00.29.49NASGTIDM Delhi
Hiren ShagolsemU 1750 FS00.26.2000.25.56SGTIDM Delhi
Hiten MittalU 17100 Fly00.59.5400.59.09GAFRAY Bangalore
Hiten MittalU 1750 BR00.32.1100.31.96GAFRAY Bangalore
Hiten MittalU 1750 Fly00.26.4800.26.19GAFRAY Bangalore
Hiten MittalU 1750 FS00.24.1300.23.90GoldGAFRAY Bangalore
Jasmine GurungU 21200 FSNA02.24.20BronzeSGTIDM Delhi
Jasmine GurungU 21400 FSNA05.06.31BronzeSGTIDM Delhi
Jasmine GurungU 21800 FSNA10.36.19BronzeSGTIDM Delhi
Jhanvi ChoudharyU 17100 FS01.01.2201.00.88SilverSGTIDM Delhi
Jhanvi ChoudharyU 17200 FS02.16.4502.13.48SGTIDM Delhi
Jhanvi ChoudharyU 17200 IM02.35.3902.33.67SGTIDM Delhi
Jhanvi ChoudharyU 1750 FS00.27.9600.27.92SilverSGTIDM Delhi
Kiara BangeraU 17200 Fly02.37.1702.29.76GAF Mumbai
Kiara BangeraU 17200 FS02.15.8702.12.16SilverGAF Mumbai
Kiara BangeraU 17400 FS04.49.4904.38.95BronzeGAF Mumbai
Kiara BangeraU 17800 FSNA09.39.95BronzeGAF Mumbai
Latiesha MandannaU 17100 Fly01.08.4301.07.09GAFRAY Bangalore
Latiesha MandannaU 17100 FS01.02.8901.02.44GAFRAY Bangalore
Lavleen DasU 17200 Fly02.39.3202.39.16SGTIDM Delhi
Lavleen DasU 17400 IM05.40.5505.38.39SGTIDM Delhi
Maana PatelU 21100 BKNA01.12.38BronzeGAF Mumbai
Manish Bhaskar NaiduU 17800 FSNA09.12.80GAFRAY Bangalore
Nidhi ShidharaU 17400 FS05.07.85NAGAFRAY Bangalore
Nishanth KumarU 21100 BKNA01.03.71GAFRAY Bangalore
Nishanth KumarU 21200 Bk02.22.26NAGAFRAY Bangalore
Nishanth KumarU 2150 BkNA00.29.41GAFRAY Bangalore
Palak DhamiU 17100 BK01.11.5501.09.64GAF Mumbai
Palak DhamiU 17200 Bk02.36.4702.32.99GAF Mumbai
Palak DhamiU 17200 FS02.18.9402.16.52GAF Mumbai
Palak DhamiU 1750 Bk00.32.7700.32.18GAF Mumbai
Rehan MirzaU 17 50 FS00.26.75NASGTIDM Delhi
Reyan GadaU 171500 FSNA17.37.01GAF Mumbai
Reyan GadaU 17800 FSNA09.16.85BronzeGAF Mumbai
Saif Chandan K SU 21200 FLYNA02.10.12SilverGAFRAY Bangalore
Shivangi SarmaU 21100 FSNA00.59.26GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Shivangi SarmaU 21200 FS NA02.07.91GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Shivangi SarmaU 21400 FSNA04.34.55GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Shivangi SarmaU 2150 FSNA00.27.43GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Shivangi SarmaU 21800 FSNA09.31.22GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Shivank VU 171500 FSNA17.58.14GAFRAY Bangalore
Shubojeet GuptaU 17100 BR01.14.52NASGTIDM Delhi
Shubojeet GuptaU 17200 BR02.37.6802.37.91SGTIDM Delhi
Shubojeet GuptaU 17200 IM02.22.2302.21.87SGTIDM Delhi
Soubrity MondalU 21100 BKNA01.06.71GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Soubrity MondalU 21200 BkNA02.26.05GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Soubrity MondalU 21200 IMNA02.32.52GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Soubrity MondalU 2150 BkNA00.31.54GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Subhajeet GuptaU 17400 IM04.56.0704.56.87SGTIDM Delhi
Sunaina ManjunathU 2150 FlyNA00.30.78GoldGAFRAY Bangalore
Sushrut KapseU 211500 FSNA17.00.71SilverGAF Mumbai
Sushrut KapseU 21400 FSNA04.19.69BronzeGAF Mumbai
Sushrut KapseU 21 800 FSNA08.52.74SilverGAF Mumbai
Swadesh MondalU 17100 BR01.07.5401.06.33GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Swadesh MondalU 17200 BR02.27.4402.22.81GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Swadesh MondalU 17200 IM02.12.9702.09.83GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Swadesh MondalU 17400 IM04.42.0704.35.36GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Swadesh MondalU 1750 BR00.31.5900.31.09GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Tanmay DasU 17100 BK01.01.1700.59.08GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Tanmay DasU 17100 FS00.55.7100.55.54SGTIDM Delhi
Tanmay DasU 17200 Bk02.18.8802.12.58BronzeSGTIDM Delhi
Tanmay DasU 17200 IM02.18.6002.18.49SGTIDM Delhi
Tanmay DasU 1750 Bk00.27.5200.27.10GoldSGTIDM Delhi
Vanshika SharmaU 21200 FLYNA02.35.31SilverSGTIDM Delhi
Vedaant MadhavanU 171500 FSNA17.00.79BronzeGAF Mumbai
Vedant BapnaU 17100 BK01.02.1900.59.56SilverGAF Mumbai
Vedant BapnaU 17100 FS00.56.4100.54.65GAF Mumbai
Vedant BapnaU 17200 Bk02.15.1802.10.85GoldGAF Mumbai
Vedant BapnaU 17200 FS 02.01.0301.58.88GAF Mumbai
Vedant BapnaU 1750 Bk00.28.5000.27.66SilverGAF Mumbai
Veer KhatkarU 17100 FS00.55.0100.53.81BronzeSGTIDM Delhi
Veer KhatkarU 17200 FS 02.01.9601.58.61BronzeSGTIDM Delhi
Veer KhatkarU 17400 FS04.21.6104.16.51SGTIDM Delhi
Veer KhatkarU 1750 FS00.24.5600.24.54BronzeSGTIDM Delhi
Dhyan BalakrishnaU 17800 FSNA08.47.83BronzeGAFRAY Bangalore

GAF, SGTIDM and GAFRAY swimmers make a statement at the 65th National School Games

Swimmers from GAF Mumbai, SGTIDM Delhi and GAFRAY Bengaluru put up a stellar show at the 65th National School games which concluded in Delhi today.  The swimmers picked up a total of 54 medals including 23 gold 20 silver and 11 bronze medals. They also set 10 new meet records and 2 better meet records in the process.

A centre wise breakup of medals is given below

GAF Mumbai531940
SAI Glenmark TIDM Programme Delhi181253562
GAFRAY Bangalore0551000

Prachi Tokas, Kiara Bangera, Tanish Kaswan Naysar won 3 gold medals each with Prachi setting a New Meet record in all 3 events namely the 800 m Freestyle, 200 m Freestyle and 400 m Freestyle in the U19 Girls category. Kiara had 2 Meet records in the U14 girls category in the 200 m Freestyle and 100 m Butterfly events.


Vedant Bapna won 2 gold and one silver medal and set 2 new meet records in the 100 m and 200 m backstroke events in the U17 boys category narrowly losing to team mate Tanmoy Das who picked up the gold in the 50 m backstroke setting a new meet record himself and bettering the meet record in the 100m backstroke event.

Astha Chaudhary and Jahnavi Choudhury set new meet records in 100 m  butterfly and 50 m Freestyle  events in the U17 Girls category while Astha also bettered the existing meet record in the 200 Fly.

A total of 55 swimmers participated in the meet from across 3 centres.   A detailed performance of all the medal winners is given below. 

S.NoSwimmers NameCentreGroupMedalEventTiming  
1Kiara BangeraGAF MumbaiGirls U 14Gold200 FLY02:31.21
2Kiara BangeraGAF MumbaiGirls U 14Gold (NMR)200 FS02:13.33
3Kiara BangeraGAF MumbaiGirls U 14Gold (NMR)100 FLY01:07.62
4Palak DhamiGAF MumbaiGirls U17Bronze100 BK01:10.57
5Palak DhamiGAF MumbaiGirls U17Silver200 BK02:33.29
6Palak DhamiGAF MumbaiGirls U17Silver50 Bk00:33.05
7Vedant BapnaGAF MumbaiBoys U17Gold (NMR)100 BK00:59.11
8Vedant BapnaGAF MumbaiBoys U17Gold (NMR)200 BK02:09.00
9Vedant BapnaGAF MumbaiBoys U17Silver50 BK00:27.97
10Ashmita ChandraGAFRAY BENGALURUGirls U17Bronze400 FS04:52.11
11Dhyan BalakrishnaGAFRAY BENGALURUBoys U17Bronze400 FS04:16.86
12Dhyan BalakrishnaGAFRAY BENGALURUBoys U17Silver800 FS08:53.88
13Latieisha MandannaGAFRAY BENGALURUGirls U19Bronze100 FS01:01.16
14Prasidh KrishnaGAFRAY BENGALURUBoys U19Silver100 FLY00:57.77
15K S Saif chandanGAFRAY BENGALURUBoys U19Bronze200FLY02:09.86
16K S Saif chandanGAFRAY BENGALURUBoys U19Silver200 FS01:59.85
17K S Saif chandanGAFRAY BENGALURUBoys U19Silver400 FS04:17.30
18Sunaina ManjunathGAFRAY BENGALURUGirls U19Silver50 FLY00:30.55
19Sunaina ManjunathGAFRAY BENGALURUGirls U19Silver50 FS00:29.32
20Aaliyah SinghSGTIDM DelhiGirls U19Gold100 BR01:18.94
21Aaliyah SinghSGTIDM DelhiGirls U19Gold50 BR00:35.74
22Astha ChoudharySGTIDM DelhiGirls U17Gold (NMR)100 FLY01:04.57
23Astha ChoudharySGTIDM DelhiGirls U17Silver (BMR)200FLY02:25.46
24Bhargav PhukanSGTIDM DelhiBoys U17Gold200 IM02:14.68
25Bhargav PhukanSGTIDM DelhiBoys U17Silver200 BR02:28.25
26Bhargav PhukanSGTIDM DelhiBoys U17Silver100BR01:09.49
27Dhara PatelSGTIDM DelhiGirls U 14Bronze50 FLY00:31.20
28Dhara PatelSGTIDM DelhiGirls U 14Silver100 FLY01:07.97
29Dhara PatelSGTIDM DelhiGirls U 14Silver200FLY02:35.41
30Divyansh AroraSGTIDM DelhiBoys U17Bronze100 FLY00:58.97
31Janhvi ChoudhurySGTIDM DelhiGirls U17Gold100 FS01:00.64
32Janhvi ChoudhurySGTIDM DelhiGirls U17Gold (NMR)50 FS00:27.72
33Lavleen DasSGTIDM DelhiGirls U14Bronze200 IM02:40.14
34Lavleen DasSGTIDM DelhiGirls U14Bronze200FLY02:37.67
35Navya SingalSGTIDM DelhiGirls U19Silver400 IM05:29.14
36Navya SingalSGTIDM DelhiGirls U19Silver200 IM02:35.34
37Navya SingalSGTIDM DelhiGirls U19Silver100 FS01:03.46
38Prachi TokasSGTIDM DelhiGirls U19Gold (NMR)800 FS08:16.75
39Prachi TokasSGTIDM DelhiGirls U19Gold (NMR)200 FS02:10.57
40Prachi TokasSGTIDM DelhiGirls U19Gold (NMR)400 FS04:33.18
41Rehan MirzaSGTIDM DelhiBoys U14Gold50 BK00:30.63
42Rehan MirzaSGTIDM DelhiBoys U14Gold50FS00:25.97
43Sanskar TokasSGTIDM DelhiBoys U19Silver400 IM04:51.56
44Soubrity MondalSGTIDM DelhiGirls U19Gold50BK00:31.94
45Soubrity MondalSGTIDM DelhiGirls U19Gold100BK01:08.73
46Tanish KashwanSGTIDM DelhiBoys U19Gold50 BR00:31.04
47Tanish KashwanSGTIDM DelhiBoys U19Gold200 BR02:24.40
48Tanish KashwanSGTIDM DelhiBoys U19Gold100BR01:06.95
49Tanmay DasSGTIDM DelhiBoys U17Gold (NMR)50 BK00:27.44
50Tanmay DasSGTIDM DelhiBoys U17Silver200BK02:11.49
51Tanmay DasSGTIDM DelhiBoys U17Silver (BMR)100 BK00:59.44
52Veer KhatkarSGTIDM DelhiBoys U17Bronze200 FS01:59.37
53Veer KhatkarSGTIDM DelhiBoys U17Gold100 FS00:53.59
54Veer KhatkarSGTIDM DelhiBoys U17Silver50 FS00:24.59