GAF Swimmers meet Michael Phelps

A few swimmers from Glenmark Aquatic Foundation recieved a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet an interact with arguably the best swimmer in history Michael Phelps.
Phelps was in mumbai on a private visit but took time out to interact with Rayna, Maana, Kiara, Vedant Bapna and Vedaant Madhavan. It was an enriching experience for all the swimmers

Kushagra swims closer to World Championship Qualifying time as GAF Swimmers excel at Khelo India Youth Games 2019

Kushagra Rawat for SGTIDM Delhi battled the cold water in the 800 m Freestyle to clock a time of 08:14.21 less than 4 seconds away from the world championship qualifying time B cut of 08:10.91, The world Championship is 6 months away and Kushagra has a strong chance to qualify for the same. All swimmers from SGTIDM Delhi GAF Mumbai and GAFRAY Bangalore had wonderful performances to win a total of 25 golds, 21 silvers and 14 bronze medals to aggregate 60 medals in individual events.

Maana Patel, Vedant Bapna, Veer Khatkar, Swadesh Mondal, Astha Choudhury, Firdoush Khayamkhani showcased their talent admirably. Aided by swimmers from SAI Glenmark TIDM program Delhi narrowly lost out to Karnataka in the overall medal tally but comfortably won the U-17 category.

The timings clocked by swimmers is given below

Swimmer Race Time Clocked Race position
Swadesh Mondal 200 m Breaststroke 02:26.91 Gold
Navya Singal 1500 m Freestyle 18:36.81 Fourth
Prachi Tokas 1500 m Freestyle 18:09.31 Gold
Vishal Grewal 1500 m Freestyle 16:57.74 Bronze
Kushagra Rawat 1500 m Freestyle 15:59.06 Gold
Sushrut Kapse 1500 m Freestyle 16:24.48 Silver
Varun Patel 50 m Breaststroke 00:31.29 Eighth
Maana Patel 50 m Freestyle 00:27.8 Silver
Janhvi Choudhary 50 m Freestyle 00:28.88 Fifth
Shivangi Sarma 50 m Freestyle 00:27.92 Silver
Aryan Vijay Varnekar 50 m Freestyle 00:25.26 Fourth
Veer Khatkar 50 m Freestyle 00:24.71 Gold
Dolphi Sarang 200 m Butterfly 02:50. Fourth
Firdoush Kayamkhani 200 m Butterfly 02:34.41 Gold
Anubhuti Baruah 200 m Butterfly 02:39.36 Seventh
Astha Choudhury 200 m Butterfly 02:30.41 Bronze
Latiesha Mandanna 200 m Individual Medley 02:39.55 Sixth
Sushrut Kapse 800 m Freestyle 08:36.89 Silver
Bharat Bhushan Ajay Gupta 800 m Freestyle 10:12.04 Fourth
Vishal Grewal 200 m Individual Medley 02:17.9 Fourth
Vishal Grewal 800 m Freestyle 08:59.91 Bronze
Kushagra Rawat 800 m Freestyle 08:14.21 Gold
kapil shetty 800 m Freestyle 08:53.63 Fourth
Anurag R. Singh 800 m Freestyle 08:48. Gold
Soubrity Mondal 200 m Backstroke 02:29.8 Silver
Maana Patel 200 m Backstroke 02:23. Gold
Palak Dhami 200 m Backstroke 02:38.57 Sixth
Vedant Bapna 200 m Backstroke 02:10.46 Gold
Nanak Moolchandani 200 m Backstroke 02:11.8 Silver
Firdoush Kayamkhani 200 m Individual Medley 02:35.94 Silver
Jasmine Gurung 200 m Individual Medley 02:46.49 Sixth
Bhumi Ajay Gupta 200 m Individual Medley 02:38.15 Fifth
Navya Singal 200 m Individual Medley 02:42.27 Eighth
Uttara Gogoi 200 m Individual Medley 02:40.38 Seventh
Swadesh Mondal 200 m Individual Medley 02:13.48 Gold
Shubrant Patra 200 m Butterfly 02:18.03 Seventh
Divyansh Arora 200 m Butterfly 02:16.55 Fifth
Bikram Changmai 200 m Butterfly 02:10.56 Silver
Jasmine Gurung 1500 m Freestyle 19:03.93 Bronze
Janhvi Choudhary 100 m Freestyle 01:01.45 Fifth
Shivangi Sarma 100 m Freestyle 01:00.6 Silver
Bikram Changmai 100 m Butterfly 00:57.55 Gold
Aryan Vijay Varnekar 100 m Butterfly 00:58.15 Silver
Hiren shagolsem 100 m Butterfly 00:59.9 Sixth
Navya Singal 400 m Individual Medley 05:34.86 Fifth
Uttara Gogoi 400 m Individual Medley 05:45.74 Sixth
Firdoush Kayamkhani 400 m Individual Medley 05:28.83 Silver
Sushrut Kapse 400 m Freestyle 04:10.75 Silver
Vishal Grewal 400 m Freestyle 04:15.2 Bronze
Kushagra Rawat 400 m Freestyle 04:01.83 Gold
Anurag R. Singh 400 m Freestyle 04:14.23 Silver
kapil shetty 400 m Freestyle 04:18.33 Fourth
Divyansh Arora 1500 m Freestyle 18:03.25 Sixth
Anurag R. Singh 1500 m Freestyle 16:40.54 Gold
Soubrity Mondal 100 m Backstroke 01:10.52 Silver
Arya Kripalani 100 m Backstroke 01:13.94 Eighth
Palak Dhami 100 m Backstroke 01:13.76 Seventh
Nanak Moolchandani 100 m Backstroke 01:01.19 Bronze
Tanmay Das 100 m Backstroke 01:00.24 Silver
Vedant Bapna 100 m Backstroke 01:00.16 Gold
Aditya Dubey 400 m Individual Medley 05:00.73 Fourth
Vishal Grewal 400 m Individual Medley 04:51.43 Silver
Bhargav Phukan 400 m Individual Medley 05:09.45 Seventh
Swadesh Mondal 400 m Individual Medley 04:47.13 Gold
Jasmine Gurung 400 m Freestyle 04:45.22 Silver
Prachi Tokas 400 m Freestyle 04:37.99 Gold
Astha Choudhury 400 m Freestyle 04:53.58 Seventh
Navya Singal 400 m Freestyle 04:47.53 Fourth
Vishal Grewal 200 m Freestyle 02:01.06 Sixth
Dolphi Sarang 50 m Butterfly 00:31.64 Fifth
Firdoush Kayamkhani 50 m Butterfly 00:31.76 Seventh
Karvi Gaekwad 200 m Freestyle 02:32.33
Mayuri Lingaraj 50 m Butterfly 00:30.51 Seventh
Jasmine Gurung 200 m Freestyle 02:14.4 Silver
Kushagra Rawat 200 m Freestyle 01:53.5 Silver
Janhvi Choudhary 200 m Freestyle 02:16.18 Bronze
Gyan Sandhan Kashyap 200 m Freestyle 02:00.37 Bronze
Anurag R. Singh 200 m Freestyle 02:00.06 Silver
Astha Choudhury 200 m Freestyle 02:16.72 Fifth
Astha Choudhury 200 m Freestyle 02:18.97 Fifth
Astha Choudhury 800 m Freestyle 09:58.68 Fifth
Navya Singal 800 m Freestyle 09:48.61 Bronze
Prachi Tokas 200 m Freestyle 02:17.73 Eighth
Prachi Tokas 800 m Freestyle 09:32.34 Gold
Shivangi Sarma 50 m Butterfly 00:30.85 Eighth
Shivangi Sarma 200 m Freestyle 02:11.91 Gold
Uttara Gogoi 50 m Butterfly 00:30.18 Bronze
Bikram Changmai 50 m Butterfly 00:26.49 Bronze
Aryan Vijay Varnekar 50 m Butterfly 00:25.86 Gold
Varun Patel 100 m Breaststroke 01:07.76 Fifth
Aditya Dubey 100 m Breaststroke 01:08.55 Eighth
Bhargav Phukan 100 m Breaststroke 01:11.06 Fifth
Swadesh Mondal 100 m Breaststroke 01:07.95 Gold
kapil shetty 200 m Freestyle 02:01. Fourth
Aaron Fernandes 200 m Freestyle 01:58.4 Fourth

GAFRAY announces 1st Non medalist Swim Gala on February 10th 2019

The first invitational Non medalist Gala is to be held at the GAFRAY centre at Wilson Garden, Bengaluru on 10th February 2019.

More information of the event can be obtained here.

Swimmers may register here

Glenmark Aquatic Foundation launches the Elite Squad

Building on the success of its swimmers over the past 3 years, GAF has launched the ”The Elite Squad” as a step in its mission to enable Indian Swimmers achieve podium finishes at the Olympics.

Maana Patel who trains at GAF Mumbai had a major injury scare around 18 months ago. Head coach Peter Carswell and Sports Science Specialist Heath Mathews worked extensively to get Maana back to her racing best. Maana won all her backstroke events at the recently concluded 72nd Glenmark Senior National Aquatic Championships also bettering her own national record in the 100 m backstroke. Kushagra Rawat a home grown talent at the SGTIDM centre in Delhi also produced exceptional performances at the meet. GAF today has created an ecosystem involving top coaches and sports scientists and wishes to extend this to all talented Indian swimmers.
The Elite Squad is a fully funded holistic scholarship program aimed at creating a support system to ensure swimmers focus and excel at the global level under the supervision of experts.
The key features of the program include personalized training overseen and designed by Carles Subirana, Technical Director of GAF, sports science assistance though top personnel in India, International exposure in various International meets and training including the altitude training. In addition residential and educational support may also be provided.
The Elite squad is for swimmers who are close to the qualifying time for the Olympics and who have the talent and dedication to realise their potential. Swimmers can choose to train at any of the centres of GAF at Mumbai, Delhi (SGTIDM) or Bangalore (GAFRAY). Selection for the program is a based on age, timings and ability.

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