GAF tops medal tally at GMAAA Age group Championships

Glenmark Aquatic Foundation topped the medal tally for the 3rd Year in a row at the Glenmark GMAAA Age Group Championships. GAF Swimmers won 27 Gold, 13 Silver and 13 Bronze Medals. Vedant Bapna won the runner up in the individual Championships in Boys Group I. Kiara Bangera and Ronak Sawant won the individual championships in Girls Group III and Boys Group III respectively.

Group I Boys Vedant Bapna Runner Up 2 Gold, 1 Silver 2 Bronze 2 NMR, 1 BMR
Group III Girls Kiara Bangera Winner 4 Gold: 1 NMR
Group III Boys RonakSawant Winner 4 Gold

Gold Medalists (27)
Swimmer Event Time
Palak Dhami 50 m Butterfly 00:31.52
Palak Dhami 50 m Backstroke 00:33.34
Kiara Bangera 50 m Butterfly 00:31.93
Vedant Bapna 200 m Backstroke 02:15.98
Utkarsh Hadge 400 m IM 05:33.23
Kiara Bangera 200 m Freestyle 02:19.75
Ronak Sawant 200 m Freestyle 02:19.99
Vedaant Madhavan 1500 m Freestyle 18:49.34
Vedaant Madhavan 400 m Freestyle 04:37.35
Zahra Sakarwala 50 m Breaststroke 00:41.34
Sudarshan Hasthak 200 m Butterfly 02:17.85
Pushya Sahajwani 200 m IM 02:49.99
Ronak Sawant 200 m IM 02:38.36
Palak Dhami 100 m Backstroke 01:11.25
Dev Ambokar 400 m Freestyle. 04:27.96
Devanshi Desai 50 m Freestyle 00:31.70
Dev Ambokar 800 m Freestyle. 09:18.54
Vedant Bapna 50 m Backstroke 00:29.08
Zahra Sakarwala 100 m Breaststroke 01:27.85
Safwan Shaikh 100 m Butterfly 01:02.63
Vedaant Madhavan 800 m Freestyle 09:45.02
Kiara Bangera 100 m Butterfly 01:11.12
Ronak Sawant 100 m Butterfly 01:11.00
Palak Dhami 200 m Backstroke 02:32.02
Kiara Bangera 100 m Freestyle 01:04.90
Ronak Sawant 100 m Freestyle 01:04.78
Dev Ambokar 1500 m Freestyle 18:02.99

Silver Medalists (13)
Ariaa.H.Sheth 1500 m Freestyle 19:55.09
Vedaant Madhavan 50 m Freestyle 00:28.13
Angath Sadanah 400 m Freestyle 04:37.60
Utkars Hadge 200 m IM 02:35.66
Dev Ambokar 200 m Butterfly. 02:30.31
Vedant Bapna 100 m Backstroke 01:02.29
Kshama Iyer 50 m Freestyle 00:31.90
Mishti Vora 50 m Backstroke 00:44.74
Sudarshan Hasthak 100 m Butterfly 01:05.62
Ariaa.H.Sheth 800 m Freestyle 10:22.17
Angath Sadanah 800 m Freestyle 10:00.59
Reyan Gada 200 m Backstroke 02:40.21
Vedaant Madhavan 200 m Freestyle 02:13.15

Bronze Medalists (15)
Devanshi Desai 50 m Butterfly 00:33.69
Utkarsh Hadge 200 m Breaststroke 02:53.72
Vedant Bapna 100 m Freestyle 00:56.59
Nishka Mehta 1500 m Freestyle 20:04.15
Angath Sadanah 1500 m Freestyle 19:27.02
Ananya Pandey 400 m Freestyle 05:03.98
Sanika Navare 50 m Butterfly 00:40.68
Palak Dhami 200 m Butterfly 02:36.28
Zahra Sakarwala 200 m Individual Medley 02:54.64
Utkarsh Hadge 400 m Freestyle 04:39.61
Ananya Pandey 800 m Freestyle 10:27.53
Kshama Iyer 100 m Freestyle 01:09.54
Vedant Bapna 200 m Freestyle 02:04.60
Ariaa.H.Sheth 200 m Freestyle 02:27.54
Angath Sadanah 200 m Freestyle. 02:17.07

Glenmark Aquatic Foundation and SGTIDM Swimmers win 15 medals at the Speedo Thailand Age Group Swimming Championships


-Veer Khatkar, Bikram Changmai Aryan Vernekar and Swadesh Mondal clock timings better than National record.

18 swimmers from Glenmark Aquatic Foundation Mumbai and SAI Glenmark TIDM programme Delhi won a total of 15 medals at the Speedo Thailand Age Group swimming Championships held in Bangkok between 7th-11th April 2018. The Swimmers won a total of 5 Golds 5 Silvers and 5 Bronzes. It was a fantastic outing as more than 80% of the events saw swimmers record their personal bests.

Swadesh Mondal lived up to his reputation of being the brightest prospect among swimmers in the Under 14 category by swimming a better time than the current National record. Swadesh who won the best overall swimmer in Group II at the Glenmark Junior National Aquatic Championships clocked 02:26.40 to win gold which beats the National record for the same category also held by Swadesh with a time of 02:28.87. Swadesh again bettered his National record in 400 Individual Medley winning gold with a time of 04:43.07 bettering the National record which is at 04:49.33. The last day Swadesh clocking a time of 02:13.50 bettering his own National record which stands at 02:15.28 in the 200 IM winning gold in the process . He won a total of 5 medals including 3 golds one silver and one bronze..

Veer Khatkar, the upcoming swimming talent from Haryana won Gold in the 100 m Freestyle event in the 14-15 boys age group with a time of 00:54.55 which is better than the current national record in the Group II category which stands at 00:55.38. Veer also won bronze in the 50 m FS.

Young guns Aryan Vernekar and Bikram Changmai clocked 00:26.21 and 00:26.50 to win Silver and bronze in the 50m Butterfly. This betters the current National record which is at 00:26.68. Bikram also won a silver in the 100m Butterfly

Two young backstrokers Vedant Bapna and Aaryan Bhosale fought in all the 3backstroke races. Aaryan pipped Vedant to win gold in the 200 m Backstroke while Vedant pipped Aaryan to win bronze in the 100 m backstroke in addition to the silver in the 200 m backstroke. Aaryan finished third in 400 IM and 400FS but these did not count as medals as only 2 foreigners are allowed medals as per the rules of the event.

Vedaant Madhavan won a bronze in the grueling 1500m Freestyle in his first attempt at this race at an International meet.

Astha Chaudhary the upcoming swimmer for Assam won a silver in 100 m butterfly.

Name Event Timing Group Medal
Swadesh Mondal 400 m Individual Medley 04:43.07 Boys 14-15 Gold
Veer Khatkar 50 m Freestyle 00:25.05 Boys 14-15 Bronze
Bikram Changmai 100 m Butterfly 00:58.73 Boys 13-14 Silver
Aastha Chaudhary 100 m Butterfly 01:06.90 Girls 14-15 Silver
Vedaant Madhavan 1500 m Freestyle 18:31.08 Boys 13-14 Bronze
Swadesh Mondal 100 m Breaststroke 01:08.56 Boys 14-15 Silver
Vedant Bapna 100 m backstroke 01:00.91 Boys 14-15 Bronze
Swadesh Mondal 200 m breaststroke 02:26.40 Boys 14-15 Gold
Aryan Varnekar 50 m Butterfly 00:26.21 Boys 13-14 Silver
Bikram Changmai 50 m Butterfly 00:26.50 Boys 13-14 Bronze
Vedant Bapna 200 m backstroke 02:10.04 Boys 14-15 Silver
Veer Khatkar 100 m Freestyle 00:54.55 Boys 14-15 Gold
Aaryan Bhosale 200 m backstroke 02:10.04 Boys 14-15 Silver
Swadesh Mondal 50 m Breaststroke 00:31.75 Boys 14-15 Bronze
Swadesh Mondal 200 m Individual Medley 02:26.40 Boys 14-15 Gold

GAF Mumbai Learn to Swim 2018 announced

GAF invites our young kids to learn the life skill of swimming. Experienced coaches will conduct the program.


The details of the program

Age: Open to kids between the age of 6-13 [DOB between 2004-2012]

Fees: Rs 1600 for 24 Sessions. Swimmers from Dharavi can avail a 25% discount

Camp 1: 9th April to 5th May 2018 [MON-SAT]

2008-20127:30am - 8:20 am
2008-20128:30 am - 9:20 am
2008-20129:30 am -10:20 am
2004-200710:30 am - 11:20 am
2008-20126:00 pm - 6:50 pm

Camp 2: 7th May to 2nd June 2018 [MON-SAT]

2008-20127:30am - 8:20 am
2008-20128:30 am - 9:20 am
2008-20129:30 am -10:20 am
2004-200710:30 am - 11:20 am
2008-20126:00 pm - 6:50 pm

Venue: Rajiv Gandhi District Sports Complex, Next to Dharavi Depot

To enroll for the program please visit our centre.

Admission on first come first serve basis

Please Contact Sandeep on #  9167849408  8 AM – 6 PM.


GAF swimmers Sushrut Kapse and Dev Ambokar win gold at the Goa Swimathon 2018

Sushrut Kapse and Dev Ambokar from Glenmark Aquatic Foundation Mumbai won the 10K and 5K races at the Goa Swimathon held on 25th February 2017. The Goa Swimathon is a premier Open Water swimming championship. Open Water swimming is an Olympic event.
Sushrut continued his impressive run of form clocking a time of 01:50.50 to win the extremely competitive 10K race. He bettered his performance from the 1st National Junior Open Water Championships held in Udipi on Dec 30th 2017 where he claimed gold with a time of 02:18.02. Sushrut is emerging as one of the top open Water Swimmers in India. He set a new meet record at the Khar Gymkhana’s Subodh Danke Memorial 13th Marathon swimming a distance of 5K in a time of 57:19.65.

Dev Ambokar won the 5K race clocking a time of 01:00.47 . He like his teammate Sushrut won the Khar Gymkhana’s Subodh Danke Memorial 13th Marathon in the U-16 category with a time of 58:58.27

GAF Swimmers at Middle Eastern Swimming Championships

Four Swimmers from Glenmark Aquatic Foundation Mumbai, Maana, Rayna, Palak and Aaron participated at the Middle Eastern Swimming Championships at Hamdaan Sports Complex in Dubai between 15th-17th February 2018.

The team won one gold, two silver and five bronze medals and swimmers recorded 10 new personal best timings.



SGTIDM Swimmers Shine in Khelo India

Recently concluded Khelo India is one of the most ambitious projects of PM Narendra Modi. This National program is a step towards the development of sports across the country.

The Swimming Events were held at the Dr. SPM Swimming Complex in Delhi and swimmers from SGTIDM performed exceeding well helping Delhi to secure the position in swimming.


Details of medal winners are given below

Aaryan Bhosale0112
Annie Jain2114
Anubhuti Baruah0101
Anurag R Singh0011
Astha Chaudhary0112
Bastab Tapan Bordoloi0101
Sanskar Tokas0011
Firdoush Kayamkhani3014
Prachi Tokas0101
Shivangi Sharma0202
Swadesh Mondal0214
Tanish Kaswan Naysar0112
Tanisha Malviya0112
Veer Khattar0011

GAF Mumbai Swimmers bag 7 medals at the Khelo India School meet

Xavier Dsouza bagged 1 gold, 3 silvers and 1 bronze in the Khelo India School games held between 31st JAnuary and 4th February 2018 at Dr SPM Swimming Complex in Delhi. Xavier also recorded personal bests in 100m and 200m backstroke events. Vedant Bapna swum a personal best to win bronze in the 100 m backstroke event while Aryan Kedare claimed a bronze in the 50 m breaststroke event.  Safwan Shaikh recorded his oersonal best in the 100 m Freestyle Event.

GAF performance at 46th YMCA Annual Swimming Gala

Swimmers from Glenmark Aquatic Foundation (GAF) performed admirably at the 46th YMCA Annual Swimming Gala held at YMCA Mumbai on 3rd and 4th February 2018.

We won a total of 19 gold, 8 silver and 6 bronze medals. Chris Fernandes,  Ronak Sawant and Chris Fernandes won individual Championships.

Congratulations to all swimmers.


GAF and SGTIDM swimmers excel at the school nationals

The Swimmers from Glenmark Aquatic Foundation Mumbai and SAI Glenmark TIDM program in Delhi performed very well at the recently concluded School Games NAtionals at Delhi.

Swimmers from Mumbai won a total of 9 medals including 1 Gold, 6 Silver and 2 Bronze medals. In addition all the swimmers performed very well creating new personal bests in the process.

Swimmers from the SGTIDM program in Delhi won a total of 38 gold 30 silver and 2 bronze medals.  They also achived 15 New Meet Records and 7 Better Meet Records.